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6 tell-tale signs that you need to think about a conservatory roof replacement

Replacing your conservatory’s roof might seem like one of the most daunting home improvement tasks on the surface, but in actual fact needn’t be. We here at Evaroof know this from years of helping Welsh homeowners make the most of... Read more

Our top tips for building an orangery to regulations

Opting to install an orangery onto your property is an exciting prospect. The perfect midpoint between glazed conservatory and full-scale home extension, they spoil homeowners with plenty of natural sunlight while retaining the warmth found within your main property. All... Read more

Does a tiled roof conservatory need planning permission?

At Evaroof, part of our job as conservatory fitters is to help the installation process go as smoothly as possible, quickly turning around roof replacements so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying. One thing we get... Read more

What makes a Supalite conservatory roof better than other options?

It’s no secret that in recent years, conservatories have quickly become the standard as opposed to the exception. You’d be hard-pressed to find a property that doesn’t sport some form of extended living space, but sadly, poor construction could mean... Read more

Attractive colours set to make every tiled conservatory roof appear stunning

As well as being the best way to overhaul the performance and efficiency of your existing extended living space, swapping out your existing conservatory roof is also a nice opportunity to reinvent style. Thankfully, the Evaroof readily offers homeowners the... Read more

“Help! My roof is sagging.” – The top 3 most likely causes.

Conservatories are known for their ability to be a place in which to kick back, relax, and remove yourself from the stresses that the modern world can sometimes bring. Sadly, this will no longer be the case as soon as... Read more

6 benefits to upgrading your conservatory roof to a tiled one

Here at Evaroof, we’re on a mission to help UK homeowners make the most of their extended living spaces. Sometimes this means offering technical roofing advice or guiding residents of how top best go about abiding by British Building Regulations,... Read more

Why is my conservatory too cold?

When the tempting concept of “chilling out” in your home’s extended living space comes to mind, the last thing you want is to do this in the literal sense. Sadly, for most homeowners with a conservatory, a frosty and unwelcome... Read more

Should you fix or replace your conservatory roof if you find a leak?

Conservatories installed throughout the 1970s and 80s were understandably not expected to last indefinitely. Thankfully Evaroof and other specialists in the industry continually strive to find ways to assure this is not the case, namely using high-performance roof replacements. Tactics... Read more

How to keep your conservatory warm

With evenings getting darker and the cold Winter nights slowly starting to roll in, it’s around this time of year that it’s essential to start assessing your conservatory’s performance. While many of us fall into the trap of thinking that... Read more

Decorating an orangery – should you break or follow your home’s theme?

While, rightly so, orangeries have built up quite the reputation as being the premier extension alternative to conservatories, working wonders in terms of keeping the warm in and homeowners out, they also present homeowners with a chance to get creative... Read more

Waterproofing your roof – 3 musts

Helpful methods to help resist the harshest of elements So you’ve done the hard part and had your new tiled conservatory Evaroof installed. It looks great, keeps the space comfortable, and is perfectly fitted to be watertight and fend off... Read more

Roof tiles vs slate – which one do you need?

Back in the day, it used to be that all the home improvement decisions concerning material, style, and colour were made for us. In 2017 however, homeowners are lucky enough to experience more choice than ever, and this includes the... Read more

How to ventilate your roof the smart way

While swapping out a conservatory’s existing roof for a high performance EvaRoof replacement is most often done in the hope of insulating the living space better, we understand that ventilation is just as important. As crazy as it might sound,... Read more

The difference between a Premium roof and an Eco roof

Two distinct solid roof tiles with some subtle differences Giving homeowners up and down South Wales the opportunity to enjoy one of the very best tiled roof systems on the market, we specialise in providing two different styles when the... Read more

Serving South Wales & the South West

We can install any one of our Evaroof products anywhere in and around South Wales and the South West in areas such as Swansea, Swindon, Hereford and Devon. Being the only dedicated solid roof company operating in these areas, we’ll deliver a prompt and first-class service every time.

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We encourage anybody that requires either more information or some creative inspiration to visit our local showroom situated in the heart of Monmouthshire, Caldicot. Whether you’d like to gain a better insight into how the Evaroof can keep you comfortable like no other tiled roof can or wish to see colour options up close, feel free to visit and we’ll be happy to help.

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